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Published Tanka Poetry


in the silence 

of wild tulips

secrets of 

a spring moon

a gentle sea rain

on blankets of sand 

untouched for days...

there is sacredness

in forgotten things 


the cutting garden


I once lived a life

hungry for soul

a mandala

of blossoms 

on my womb

trusting what life is 

meant to be 

the whispers

of your heart

before you fully wake


at dawn   


Complete List of Tanka Publications

hedgerow "violas and stock" (#136)

Ephemerae “a warm breeze” (2:1 2018)

Ephemerae “intricate webs” (2:1 2018)

Ephemerae “this house has become” (2:1 2018)

TSA Anthology “a gentle sea rain” (2019)

Moonbathing “burning sage” (19 Fall/Winter  2018)

Kokako “when lost” (September 2018)

Kokako “a sprinkler” (September 2018)

Gusts Tanka Canada, “a white butterfly” (Fall 2018)

Gusts Tanka Canada, “the slow light of moonrise” (Fall 2018)

Gusts Tanka Canada, “the cold of this” (Fall 2018)

Atlas Poetic,  “Becoming” Stacking Stones, An Anthology of Short Tanka Sequences (Summer 2018) a collaborative tanka along with poets: Susan Burch, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Josie Hibbing, Mary Hohlman and Christina Sng.

Atlas Poetic,  “just enough touch” Stacking Stones, An Anthology of Short Tanka Sequences (Summer 2018)

Ribbons “hand sketching” (Spring/Summer 2018)

Red Lights “a rosebud” (June 2018)

Red Lights “sparrows, finches…” (June 2018)

Skylark “cracking open” (6:1 Summer 2018)

Skylark “Shades of Sky” (tanka sequence with Christina Nguyen, 6:1 Summer 2018)

Moonbathing “not one for understanding” (18 Spring/Summer 2018)

Ribbons “the tender tug” (Winter 2017)

Eucalypt “afternoon heat” (Issue 23 2017)

Atlas Poetica “my luck” (2017)

Moonbathing “the tight curl” (17 Fall/Winter  2017)

Skylark “drifting” (tanka sequence with Christina Nguyen, 5:2 Winter 2017)

Ribbons “on a high wall” (Fall 2017)

Skylark “untangling” (5:2 Winter 2017)

Skylark “the lightness” (5:2 Winter 2017)

Hedgerow “wildflowers” (120 Summer 2017)

Hedgerow “earwigs” (113 Spring 2017)

Moonbathing “the patterns” (16 Spring/Summer 2017)

Every Day Poems, T.S. Poetry Press “windblown trash” (2017)

Skylark “sunlight” (15:1 Summer 2017)

Skylark “how selfish to save” (15:1 Summer 2017)

Moonbathing “a mix of green” (15 Fall/Winter 2016)

bottle rockets press “mother’s head” (35  2016)

Ribbons, “father’s sloppy kisses (2015)

A Hundred Gourds, “after the puppet show” (5:1 December 2015)

A Hundred Gourds, “my womb” (5:1 December 2015)

Skylark “motherese for months” (Winter 3:2 2015) Amazon.com’sBest Book of the Month pick, one of the poets for this collection.

Skylark “searching for authenticity” (Winter 3:2 2015) Amazon.com’s Best Book of the Month pick, one of the poets for this collection.

Moonbathing “temporary tatoo” (2015)

Moonbathing “sand dollars” (June 2013)

Skylark “wedding quilt” (2.1 Summer 2014)

Skylark “purple stone” (2.1 Summer 2014)

The Bamboo Hut “dollar bills” (2013)

The Bamboo Hut “family roots” (2013)

The Bamboo Hut “past the brush” (2013)

The Bamboo Hut  “two puppies”(2013)

The Bamboo Hut  “lost father” (2013)

Moonbathing “forty-seven” (9 December 2013)

A Hundred Gourds “dance me to the children” (September 2013)