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Cricket Song: Haiku and Short Poems from a Mother's Heart

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The moment one becomes a mother, there is a song planted in her…


Sample Poems


spring evening
I hum him
into this world


pomegranate moon
the woman
she’s become


I tell my son
it’s ok to be fragile…
basil blossoms

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    70 pages, 98 poems, published by Red Moon Press

    Book Dimensions: 4.25 x 6.5


    Nominated for the 2017 Spirited Woman Book Awards

    Nominated for the 2018 Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards for excellence in published haiku

  • Praise for Cricket Song

    “Moment by moment Jessica Malone Latham captures in her haiku, senryu and tanka the arc of family life. In Cricket Song: Haiku and Short Poems from a Mother’s Heart each spare poem is filled with the emotional resonance of motherhood, of parenthood, and of childhood. This heartfelt, well-crafted collection is one in which each reader will find moving images within poems that call them back again and again.” – Kathe L. Palka, Poet and current Editor of tinywords


    “A short image-based lyrical poem infused with emotion and full of dreaming room, tanka about motherhood are as natural as childbirth. 


    Being a mother brings huge rewards and requires huge sacrifices. Jessica Malone Latham writes about both ‘the rise and fall/of our chests skin-to-skin/so this/is the feeling/of gossamer wings’ and her ‘cracked nipples/too sore to notice/the tenderness/of rainfall/outside her window.’ Interspersing twenty tanka among her haiku and senryu, she also lets the reader feel how these forms capture the experience of being a mother differently.


    In one of her tanka, she writes ‘motherese for months/I no longer remember/small talk/the chatter of finches/brings me to tears.’ If you have ever spoken ‘motherese,’ you will enjoy this collection; if you haven’t, reading these poems will teach you a bit of the language.” – David C. Rice, Editor of Ribbons


    “What might otherwise be lost in a blur of modern parenting is given reverent attention in these carefully-crafted, meditative haiku. A collection that invites you to slow down and savor every moment.” – Susan Antolin, Editor of Acorn: A Journal of Contemporary Haiku


    “Through these poems you will encounter motherhood as experienced by someone named Jessica, a woman who is not afraid to explore the difficult and the untidy, and who is willing to share these explorations openly. Her frank and unguarded poems, while they come from the heart, have the toughness of bone.” – Patricia J. Machmiller, Poet, from the Foreword 


    Cricket Song: Haiku and Short Poems from a Mother’s Heart is simply a great book! This is a book about  being a mother, daughter, and sister. It is also a book about moments and life cycles. Latham writes deep from the heart and it is impossible for us not to be touched by her mixture of honesty, sincerity and intimacy. Though I normally like shorter collections, I wish that this book were longer. I will be looking out for more of Latham’s work as time goes by.” – Stanford M. Forrester, Editor of bottle rockets and past President of the Haiku Society of America


    “Jessica Malone Latham seamlessly blends and overlaps her childhood memories with being a mother twice. Motherhood is a precious gift with all its joys, ecstasy, happiness and bottomless love, but, it sometimes comes with varied doubts, like missing freedom, physical and emotional demands, the “loss” of self, the feeling of unattractiveness and perhaps, some guilt for having these normal feelings. She is brave and honest enough to express these raw emotions within the beautiful framework of her poetry. Cricket Song: Haiku and Short Poems from a Mother’s Heart is a must read and should be in everybody’s library.” – Pamela A. Babusci, Award-winning haiku and tanka Poet, Editor of Moonbathing: A Journal of Women’s Tanka


    Reviewed by Blithe Spirit, The British Haiku Society Journal (2017) 

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