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Baby Blessings

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Baby Blessings: Bits of Wisdom and Love for Mother and Baby’s Delicate First Year, like the hand of a good friend, takes hold of each new mother and newborn, offering brief, poetic and gentle words of encouragement during moments of exhaustion, self-doubt, confusion and loneliness.


Brief Description


Every mother is equipped with intuition and confidence, but those early months, sleep deprived, recovering from birth, settling into her new life, and bombarded with well-intended but not-so-great suggestions leaves one feeling alone and questioning her maternal capabilities. In Baby Blessings, mother, published writer and poet, Jessica Latham provides clear, simple and love-filled verses in those moments of uncertainty. Gentle and wise, Baby Blessings reassures our most innate knowing, bringing back the basic and fundamental need for tenderness and closeness between mother and child through the first transition from womb to world.


Baby Blessings is for mothers and caretakers aiming at conscious and compassionate parenting, those that work and those at home, those that find most days rewarding and those that find each day a struggle. This is for the woman who knows the sacredness of motherhood, but, in the busyness and exhaustion of her life, has forgotten how to find little moments of joy. Jessica reminds us that our brokenness creates blessing, and our most vulnerable spaces really can carve out our most sensitive and loving selves.


There are no recommendations Jessica has not experienced personally while raising highly sensitive children and encountering her own difficult beginnings. There is no other book that addresses

diaper changes, crying, feeding, sleeping, and the day-to-day trials in such a poignant and reassuring manner. These hymn-like lines help establish a nurturing start for both to proceed in their long journey together. Pick up this book as one would pick up the phone when in need of encouragement from a most trusted friend or wise grandmother. Life is a blessing and Baby Blessings reminds each woman, in those times of weariness, of the miraculous and challenging that comes and goes so quickly.

  • Endorsements

    "Here at last is a mother's book of common prayer, giving grace and consolation in the quiet hours of the longest days." — Karen Maezen Miller, Author of Momma Zen


    "When you are in need of calming, reassurance, inspiration, or reconnecting to your heart, read Baby Blessings. If you're too darn tired even to reach for the book, just push it onto the floor and read whatever page falls open; you will find what you need right there." — Brian Leaf, M.A., Author of Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi


    “Jessica Latham’s Baby Blessings: Bits of Wisdom and Love for Mother and Baby’s Delicate First Year is the perfect gift for any woman who has just given birth. Jessica’s calm and reassuring voice is full of love, and her words have the power to knit us back together on the days we might feel broken. This is a must-have for new moms.” — Kate Hopper, founder of Motherhood & Words and author of Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood and Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers


    "Latham's touching words flow like the abiding love between mother and child, bonding them even deeper, and inspiring new levels of presence in a mother's heart.” — Catherine Weiss, Author ofThe Present Mother: How to Deepen Your Connection with the Present Moment, Yourself, and Your Child


    “Jessica Malone Latham’s book is indeed a blessing for all mothers. Her

    devotionals offer gentle reminders that bring us back from the struggle and center us on all that is motherhood at its very best. The quiet reflections of her poems serve to refocus the weary mother on the importance of

    mothering from “pure love.” She reminds us to put aside judgment and ask for the gentleness to abandon the pressures of mothering in today’s high achievement society. She coaxes us to surrender to the support of others and in holding our children, to remember what it’s like to be held. What a gift, this guidebook of positive, poetic mothering!” — Julianne Palumbo, Poet and Founder/Editor of Mothers Always Write


    These poems—songs of praise and experience—are for mothers everywhere. Jessica Latham has taken her own experience as a new mother and transformed both the immense joys and the daily exhaustions of child rearing into devotions that speak to the heart by expressing the deeply felt spirit of what it means to be a parent. Each action from changing a diaper to jostling a wriggling bundle to soothing a boo-boo is embraced and turned into a song-poem that gives meaning and reassurance to anyone immersed in the everyday demands of a new child. These are psalms for parents striving to hold and savor the precious experiences of the first years in the life of their child.— Patricia J. Machmiller, Poet


    “The postpartum period is a sacred time that is oftentimes left unspoken about and unfortunately unsupported by our community. Baby Blessings is a gift to all mothers as they begin and traverse through the beautiful journey of parenthood. Jessica has given moms the songs that one can relate to and the moments that they can look forward to as their child grows. The relationship between parent and child is one that is inherently simple, yet complicated, satisfying, yet challenging and one that is empowering, yet brings you to your knees. Jessica describes all of these beautifully through her heartfelt prose.” — Viji Natarajan, Ayurvedic Birth Support Practitioner



    “Jessica Latham's baby blessings are a warm invitation for mothers to shift perspective of the every day challenges into a pure blessing that babies really do bring to the world. The alchemy in her writing is true soul salve for a weary mother.” — Kerry Ingram, Creatress of Mothering Arts


    “Little gifts, blessings, reminders of what drives our internal mothering essence, awakenings that open our fragile hearts, deep intuitive knowing that weaves love into our transformed soul and heals our fractured bodies – this is what Jessica gives us.


    Baby Blessings: Bits of Wisdom and Love for Mother and Baby’s Delicate First Year is a celebration of motherhood. Poignant versus, delicate insights and lyrical laments gently reconnect us to the spirit of mothering – to our own mother spirit, and to the spirit of our beloved child with which we are forever intertwined. Jessica’s words bring comfort at a time that can reflect pandemonium. The beautiful blessings pick us up, out of the chaos, and hold us in the cradle of new beginnings that are at times divine and demanding, heavenly and harsh, sacred and challenging.


    Jessica speaks from a place of authentic love, deep connection and heartfelt tenderness. She helps us to find a place for our awe, where it can be held in the sanctity of our purest heart, giving us strength and perspective amidst the “sweat and tears of toil”.


    As new mothers, we need a friend, one who will stand by us, offering words of truth and wisdom, one who will remind us of our innate knowing, and one who will never judge us. We all need this friend, to hold our hand, and nurture our greater good, helping us to find the courage and strength to nurture naturally. Baby Blessings offers us this friend.


    We are connected on levels we cannot see or define. Jessica’s blessings tap into this connectedness, igniting enlightenment, joy and the gift of forging a new future through raising connected, nurtured children that will bless the world with peace and insight. A nurtured nature naturally nurtures. Baby

    Blessings will take your hand and nurture your nature.” — Lyn McPherson, Author of Intuitive Mothering: Trusting Your Own Child-Rearing Instincts