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Online Courses

Connecting Poetry with Presence

Haiku and the Moon

Coming early this Summer

Moon gazing and intention setting is a ceremonial devotion that humans have been performing for millennia. Alongside the wonders of this world and the universe, for lifetimes, humans have attempted to connect their experiences with the heart by capturing short poems.

In Haiku and the Moon, aspiring and professional haikuists will learn how to write high quality poems by using the cycles of the moon to manifest their deepest wishes and dreams.

Beginning at the New Moon, we will set intentions, begin to write poems based on the moon cycle and season, and work together to share poems in a safe, fun, and welcome online community. By the end of the course, poets will have captured dozens of poems through the moon cycle, and manifest their goals by submitting poems from this course to their wished-for publications to journals, anthologies and contests.

Presence is the Present: Haiku Your Way Through the Holidays

Coming again in Winter 2019

In this one-week self-paced course, you will find fun and simple tools to capture the magic of the holidays and put those feelings into words. Teaching from the intelligence of the heart, we will first cover the basics of haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry.

We will then loosen our grip on technique and syllable counting as a way to open ourselves into the essence of writing from a place of intuition over mind. By the end of the course, you will have a collection of one-breath poems to gift yourself or others this holiday season, and tools to take with you into the New Year.

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28 Days of Love and Haiku

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Welcome to the month of love! This February, come as you are. You do not need to be married, in a relationship, or have anyone other than yourself to love. Love surrounds us in so many ways, and in so many forms. Love for career, the earth, friends, children — and, what I hope to encourage in this course — You!

For the next 28 days, we will explore the many ways of loving, what it means to you, and use our daily prompt as a way to create poetry. Though I will mainly focus on writing haiku, I encourage each of you to tap into your own style, creating longer poems if you desire. This is a course about finding your authentic voice, all while loving yourself, the process, and poetry.

I hope you are as excited as I am to pause, reflect, and write about love.

admiring the rose

scarred with sunspots 

can I also love

all of 


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