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Complete List of Published Articles


Mothers Always Write "Lactation Clinic" (July 2016)

Mamalode, "Scars" (May 2016)

Mamalode, "Children" (May 2016)

Mamalode, "Landing the Job of 'Mom'" (March 2016)

Mamalode, "The Pain of Birthing Cesarean" (February 2016)

Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined, Writing Prompt: For Your Journal (December 2014)

Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, feature post, "All this Rocking" (October 2014)

Mothering.com, feature post "No More No: 4 Phrases I'm Trying to Use Instead" (September 2014)

Mothering.com, feature poem "When I Look Back" (August 2014)

Mothering.com, feature story "Vows to my Son" (June 2014)

Mothering.com, feature post "Choose Your Own Adventure: Where Will Your Motherhood Journey Take You?" (June 2014)

Speakmom.com, "Losses and Gains: My Conception Story" (March 2014)

Speakmom.com, "From Love Notes to Bacon: How my Husband Shows His Love Now That I'm a Mother" (March 2014)

Speakmom.com, "A Mother's Intuitive Voice: Throwing Away the How-To Books" (March 2014)

Mothering.com, feature story "Insufficiency: Breastfeeding in Real-Life" (February 2014)

Speakmom.com, feature story "Birthing Forgiveness" (February 2014)

Mothering Arts, feature story "birdwings: a brief reflection of my birth" (February 2014)

Birth Boot Camp, feature post "Nine Reasons Why I Want to Live Nine Months Pregnant More Often" (August 2013)

Miscellaneous Essays

Tiny Buddha, feature article "6 Tips to Recognize and Help When Someone Needs Support" (summer 2013)

Thank the Now, feature post “What Does Your Breath Say About You?” (July 2013)

Tiny Buddha, feature article "Learn to Love and Accept Yourself, Wherever You Go" (summer 2013)

Tiny Buddha, feature article “5 Tiny Steps to Move Away from Unnecessary Busyness” (summer 2013)

Thank the Now, feature poem “Like Animals” (June 2013)

Thank the Now, feature post“Little Bits of Treasure”(June 2013)

Andrea K. Beltran Blog, guest post: “Poetry Pairings: Rilke, Van Gogh, and Small Stones” (February 2013)

Health Articles

Tabata Times, "Bringing Back the Garage Box" (April 2014)

Tabata Times, "(Postpartum) Confessions of an Ordinary CrossFit Momma" (March 2014)

Santa Rosa Crossfit, "Fine Tune Your Fine Body” (mobility) (April 2013)

Santa Rosa Crossfit, "Cheers to More Drinking” (hydration) (March 2013)

Santa Rosa Crossfit, “The 2013 CrossFit Games Open Wants You” (February 2013)

Santa Rosa Crossfit, “WODing in Real Life” (January 2013)

Santa Rosa CrossFit, "Hibernation: Adjusting to Darker and Shorter Days - Part One" (November 2012)

Santa Rosa CrossFit, "Hibernation: Adjusting to Darker and Shorter Days – Part Two" (November 2012)

Tabata Times, Sports Bra Buying Guide Review on: Shock Absorber Women’s Run Sports Bra Review, CWX Women’s Sports Bra II Review, Moving Comfort Women’s Fiona Sports Bra Review, Enell Sports Bra Review, Active Extreme Control Sports Bra Review, Lynx Sports Bra Review, Handful Bra Review, Moving Comfort Juno Bra Review, Nike Pro Victory Compression Bra Review, Nike Indy Reversible Strappy Sports Bra Review, Lululemon Flow Bra IV Review, Reebok Crossfit Racerback Bra Review, Supernova Racer Bra Review, Athleta Glory Bra 2 Review

Book Reviews

Fearless Books Publishing, “birthing forgiveness" (2013)