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Poetic Marketing for Businesses

Poem for a Healthcare & Nutritional Practicioner 

Your seedling heart was no accident.

Just as you are meant to encounter every 

bright blossom that stops you in your tracks, 

you too have sprouted into this world 

for a purpose. Do not forget why rain pours 

down on you, growing you in places that

beg for extra care—and rejoice in the seasons 

when sunlight salves your happy heart. 

Let me be the humble gardener helping to tend

your few unwanted weeds, lifting you

back into sunlight. May I be a small 

gust of wind whispering gentle secrets 

for your blossoming health. 

Poem Used for a Mothering Organization

today i harvest cilantro from my garden

kale and basil too

these flowering vegetables, herbs, just weeks ago

buried beneath the earth

i think of the soil

the nurturing required to care for such miracles

her steady, quiet presence

the way she cradles their delicate destiny in her arms

hunched over

i think of my baby boy

asleep upstairs, wind rushing in

and out of his dreams

just months ago he was a seed

his life based on hope and belief

unseen, yet so very tended to

i think of the task i was given:

to be the soil carrying up his heart

solidifying ground for his feet

tending to the weeds that hinder

and standing back for other creatures

to do their work

we mothers are the quietness in the background

the dirty, tired, overused earth that gives and gives

until we are merely crumbled bits of clay

holding up blossoms

the very beings we think of constantly

as we watch from below, above

and all around their delicate existence