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Poetic Commercial Writing

Facial Poem for a Client whose goal was to capture the essence of aging gracefully

Be here now, with my hands on your skin,
with all of its story for me to hold.
Be here now, as insecurities fade into lines
of experience and trust.
I am here to admire a smile that is yours, 
to trace lines of joy and worry
that grip you in the night. 
I am here to bring forth 
your steady glow that shines within. 
You have come here for a purpose, as have I. 
We come together like rain to stone
in an act of gentle love.
May I polish the skin of your being—
revealing again and again the beauty that you are—
reawakening a grace that was never lost. 
Sink into the moment. 
Forget what you know and feel these hands
across your glimmering light.