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Poem for Your Pocket

I watch as your hands

trace petals

their delicate veins

so much like the ways

to your heart

hand sketching sunflowers

how many more petals


I become


(for an artist in need of inspiration)


the many cells at work 

for the hummingbird in flight...

your body 

making its way back

to brilliance

(for a women in need of a poem from her mother struggling with cancer)


braided bracelets

of purple heather

hold me

through stories I was once

afraid to tell

(for an author in need of inspiration)


opening the layers

of your true self

peony heart

(for a woman trying to love all of herself)


even the darkest 

stallion carry light...

sky in your eyes

(for a man having a hard time and in need of inspiration)

All poems are one of a kind, hand-typed poems on high-quality paper, hand stamped with Jessica's Japanese signature and sealed with a wax seal.