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Personalized Poems

A Blessing for a Child Transitioning into the World 

Bits of stardust. Being of light

solidified into a body known as you.

You have been sent from beyond

as a messenger of love. Held in 

the waters of a holy womb, you

carry a vision only your heart truly knows.

Come to us now and spread your light

as wings of a butterfly, as the vibrant

washing of a rainbow through sky,

as purity of freshly fallen snow.

May each of us reflect in awe of

your perfect nature now and always.

A Poem on Friendship

Friendship comes in trembling swallowtails

And budding tulips— vulnerable and slow.

For many years, I had been afraid

to reveal my whole heart for the fear

of rejection and abandonment.

Because of you, I have gained the courage

to open into sky. With you, my wings 

burst with flight, my petals eagerly 

hold sunlit rain. Time and time again,

you have shown me the nature

of friendship.

Your finger—the outstretched branch

for resting wings. The soil of your 

constancy—begging for me to root deeper.

And because I am given the gift to voice

my love, listen for me in songbirds

and know it is they who sing hymns

of gratitude to you.