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Modern Poetry

Into Darkness

Just seconds old, a baby noses his way
to his mother’s breast
the same way a butterfly knows
how to unearth a blossom.
A toddler only learns to walk
by feeling the many ways of falling.
The heart only knows wholeness
after heartbreak shatters one
into tiny pieces.
There are millions of paths
toward living and loving
but we need not anyone’s
compass other than our own.
Look what happens
when an acorn digs its way
into the earth and dives deep
into darkness
despite what the starling
claims to know.


A madrone and an oak tangle 

into one another until I cannot tell 

where one ends and one begins. 

I think of the ways my lover has 

picked up on my traits, and me on his, 

and even so, we carry our own behaviors 

through decades of family past 

and years together. 

He helped me see my stubbornness

the way the hard shell of a madrone 

projects it's tender places,

and I've shined light on the ways he clings

the way lichen and moss lean 

on an oaks steady arm. 

I pass these trees weeks on end

traversing the flank of the mountain. 

I wonder what the land thinks 

of their love, how they wrestle 

with dependence and individuality. 

Either way, whether blurred into 

one another or separating back 

into their roots, 

it holds them just the same.


These days it’s hard to decipher where fauna ends

And where we begin. What was it that just adorned 

My ear this morning? A dew drop or diamond?

My ears shimmer in storms while my lips 

Are smeared with petals. 

And your hand – was that the wild sage

That brushed against mine?

Your laugh, that crow overhead? 

It’s hard to tell anymore in this overcast world.

Just this morning, while heading out

To walk the unpaved trail

I thought it was sunlight that was rising 

Above the hills, but it was you. 


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