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A Bit about Jessica Latham

I often surprise myself, wondering how many lives I’ve already lived. I was once was a girl who played with worms and ants and bees. I was a performer, dancing across green grasses, atop school campuses and celebrated affairs. I have climbed through chicken coops and acres of farmland. I have learned of the quiet strength of the strawberry pickers.

I was once a dreamer who moved to Spain upon the brink of womanhood. I was a guide, enchanted by the romance of Sonoma vineyards. I have spoken the languages of business and carried transient cards of promise in my purse. I have twisted native tongue with Spanish friends from far away, unlocking secrets others will never know. 

I am a mother, a nurturer, a yogi and a friend. I dig my toes deep into the ocean sand and gaze often upon wild skies. I relate to the wandering gypsy, the lost lover, the rowdy prisoner, awakened goddess, the hopeful poet.