28 Days of Love and Haiku

26166800_10155966393164328_1220169681151567134_nWelcome to the month of love! This February, come as you are. You do not need to be married, in a relationship, or have anyone other than yourself to love.

Love surrounds us in so many ways, and in so many forms. Love for career, the earth, friends, children — and, what I hope to encourage in this course — YOU!


For the next 28 days, we are going to explore the many ways of loving, what it means to you, and use our daily prompt as a way to create poetry.

Though I will mainly focus on writing haiku, I encourage each of you to tap into your own style, creating longer poems if you desire. This is a course about finding your authentic voice, all while loving yourself, the process, and poetry.

I hope you are as excited as I am to pause, reflect, and write about love.

admiring the rose

scarred with sunspots 

can I also love

all of 



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