Jessica Latham

“Jessica’s work does not so much conclude as it arrives, leaving the reader with a refreshing sense of centeredness. Her words as well as her actions reflect kindness, compassion, and passion. Her ideas are always fresh, she can be counted on to meet deadlines, and she creates and encourages conversation with her readers. Thank you for your light, Jessica.”

Andrea Beltran, Blogger and Poet

“Jessica has excellent writing, translating and verbal skills that make her a natural leader in any setting. She is a driven, enthusiastic person who can light up the room with her smile and intelligence. As graduate students, we shared many group projects together. Her can-do attitude provides those around her with the motivation to face any challenge and succeed in it.”

Anna Bernardi, Spanish Professor at West Valley College

“Authentic, honest and captivating are just a few of the adjectives for Jessica’s writing. She can take a topic and bring tears to the readers’ eyes or make a topic funny, happy or poignant. Her use of dialog is very believable and her descriptions bring the reader directly into the scene. Her writing flows from beginning to end and is never confusing. She builds character, time and place, takes her own ego out of her writing, and replaces it with the personalities of her characters and uses words and images to fit the story.”

Sally Brudos, Writer and Leader of Women’s Writing Haven

“Vulnerable, poignant, and compelling, Jessica’s writing always incites conversation and helps readers discover their own insights. It’s been a pleasure to work with her, and an honor to share her stories and lessons with the Tiny Buddha community.”

Lori Deschene, Founder of Tiny Buddha

“Jess is a gem of a writer with a profound respect for the stories she tells. She has an innate understanding that it’s not just about the words on a page, but the right words, and she carefully constructs her pieces to craft insightful profiles that convey a rich blend of information and emotion. She travels between poetry and prose, often weaving the two together; at times infusing her work with her own deeply felt experiences. Her kind spirit comes through each piece she writes, transporting the reader, forging connections, lighting a path, offering a friend along the journey.”

Mara Dresner, Playwright/Journalist/Actress

“Jessica is a friend and fellow writer who I’ve known for several years. She has interviewed me twice, and has written thought-provoking, interesting and revealing profiles about my poetry and my views on topics as various as the environment, raising children, and the changing role of women in our society. Jessica is a great interviewer: sensitive, intelligent and thorough. I’m always impressed with how she can take a meandering conversation and turn it into a cohesive narrative. I recommend Jessica for writing tasks and look forward to reading more of her blog posts at Rowdy Prisoners.”

Erica Goss, Los Gatos Poet Laureate, 2013

“Jessica has a vulnerability and kindness that gives her a warm connection to the people and subjects she writes about.  Her writing is full of warmth and insight.”

Kim Hudson, Author of The Virgin’s Promise

“Jessica provides exceptional quality and attention to detail in whatever area of business she is working. Jessica is bilingual and her superior writing and editing skills substantiate her as one of the best in the market. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her resume editing and career coaching efforts to help others either land new employment or excel in their current position.”

Jenn Karlman, Fox News Anchor

“Jessica Latham, through the writings on her Rowdy Prisoners website, has established herself as a genuine and sensitive voice, sharing honestly and personally: a refreshing gift contrasted with much of the noise and disembodied distraction of contemporary life. Indeed, her unique observations, attention to the important and defining details that enliven a subject further highlight her mastery of crafting truth into beautiful baskets of words.

Whether she is honoring whomever she may be interviewing or giving us an intimate view into the causes and concerns that give her life meaning or gifting her readers with the occasional poem, Jessica does so with honorable integrity.”

Amitai Zachary Malone, Creator of Geologists of the Soul

“Jessica is a creative and thoughtful writer. She really captured the essence of what I was telling her and presented it in a compelling and creative way. If you have trouble giving words to your thoughts, she is the perfect person to articulate them. She is wonderful to work with.”

Liz Morgan, Designer and Creative Artist

“Jessica is great to work with. She writes beautifully with a great voice, and yet is flexible about making that voice fit specific readerships. She really understands the tone of other websites and can write to suit a broad range of audiences while still being natural and engaging. I wish all writers were as easy to work with as her.”

Rebecca Ribbing, Success Strategist and Creator of Thank the Now

“Jessica writes what I like to call “simple truth” poetry.  In the words of Philip Levine, these are poems that “are so simple and true/ they must be said without elegance, meter, and rhyme.”  Unpretentious, plainspoken, approachable, and generous, Jessica’s poetry is for everyday people who look for revelation and light in everyday life.  There is no magic like finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  As a poet and woman, Jessica has a heart of gold.”

Vuong Quoc Vu, Editor and Creator of Tourane Poetry Press and Perfume River Poetry Review

“Jessica and I collaborated for my last major dance work and it was a wonderful experience. She took my clumsy explanations about the theme and message I was working to convey and turned it into beautiful, engaging prose. We recorded readings of what she wrote and the audiences were touched and enthralled by the layering of Jessica’s powerful yet accessible words over my dancers’ movement. It was a highly successful collaboration and I look forward to working together again in the future!”

Heather Dale Wentworth, Artistic Director, OPUS MIXTUS Dance



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