write to live.

In my life, writing isn't an option, it's a necessity. Often times, after meeting people that have read my work, they say, “I want to write!” And I say, “I dare you!” I believe passion is contagious. I believe we can all write. It is as crucial as taking a breath. It’s always there, it’s just up to us to witness and invite that space to open up to us. Whether I inspire you to write yourself, or create the words you've been trying to voice, it gives me joy to be on this journey with you. Welcome.


“Jessica is great to work with. She writes beautifully with a great voice, and yet is flexible about making that voice fit specific readerships. She really understands the tone of other websites and can write to suit a broad range of audiences while still being natural and engaging. I wish all writers were as easy to work with as her.”

- Rebecca Ribbing, Success Strategist and Creator of Thank the Now


“Jessica is a friend and fellow writer who I’ve known for several years. She has interviewed me twice, and has written thought-provoking, interesting and revealing profiles about my poetry and my views on topics as various as the environment, raising children, and the changing role of women in our society. Jessica is a great interviewer: sensitive, intelligent and thorough. I’m always impressed with how she can take a meandering conversation and turn it into a cohesive narrative. I recommend Jessica for writing tasks and look forward to reading more of her work.”

Erica Goss, Los Gatos Poet Laureate 2013


“Jessica is a creative and thoughtful writer. She really captured the essence of what I was telling her and presented it in a compelling and creative way. If you have trouble giving words to your thoughts, she is the perfect person to articulate them. She is wonderful to work with.”

Liz Morgan, Designer and Creative Artist